You May Know About Roger Vivier Shoes
6 Oct

You May Know About Roger Vivier Shoes

Roger Henri Vivier said, “To wear dreams on one's feet is to begin to give a reality to one's dreams and to nourish the hope that they will bring on other dreams".

He knew that shoes wear would become a legend and so he introduced a type if femininity that would take the center stage between the late forties and the fifties.

Roger Vivier is known for creation of his extravagant richly decorated shoes in kingfisher feathers, seed pearls, rock crystals and coral. Heels were his focal point especially the stiletto heel that was introduced in 1954. It was a towering sliver more than three inches high.

The stiletto heel was a style famed girl its particularly long, thin high heel that alters a woman's posture.

Vivier shoes are distinct due to their shape, structure, form and function. He collaborated with Christian Dior who had launched a range of footwear in 1953 and Vivier was the craftsman behind the pieces. Ten year later, he successfully launched his own Vivier brand.

His success is to date noted, as it can be clearly seen in the fashion market his pieces are still trending.

Roger Vivier had his most celebrated contributions to having footwear that embraced curvature. Who doesn't love a good curve? His experimentation with straight sharp lines was just popular as people have just loved them since time memorial.

The shoes feature a geometric square heel that is quite stable and gives the wearer comfort that's always being seeker.

The Vivier pilgrim buckle that is the signature component in all Roger Vivier brands was as a result of collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent. If you want to identity a Roger Vivier brand the pilgrim buckle is what you'll be looking for in the item.

One of the most iconic designs is the pilgrim pumps with sliver buckles. This one piece received a huge international publicity and with this came many imitations because as you know, people will always try to make a coin come any opportunity.

Shoes by Roger Vivier have been worn by everyone including more recognizable individuals, from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Marlene Dietrich to Cate Blanchet. Roger was commissioned to design Queen Elizabeth II's coronation shoes in 1953.

The shoe is named, a Rodger Vivier sandal made of gold kid skin sandal studded with rubies. Having the shoe worn by the queen highlighted the brand's ability to appeal to a wide range of audience

It is notable to say that Vivier innovation in heels and toe shapes changed the silhouette of women's shoes. Catherine Deneuve, in 1967, in the filming of Luis Bunuel's which a film was; she wore a Belle Vivier pump.

This specific shoe gave a strong statement that to date still remains in the history of fashion. The brand still sells the Belle Vivier with its pointed toe and a square toed pump that is named the Belle De Nuit.

In the nineteen sixties, the silk satin knee boots outlined in jewels and thigh high evening boots in black elastic knit with beads made a highly popularized statement. The boot has been evolved tremendously overtime to be more appealing and relatable to the market audience over time.

One if the designs that made a strong unforgettable statement was the Virgule heel commonly known as the 'comma heel'. It had and still has a high heel that curves inward towards the toe. The brand gives latest designs of heels, sandals, ballerina flats, sneakers and boots.

It has a selection of trendy and timeless new shoes and a few examples are such as: the Belle Vivier patchwork graphic ballerinas, Belle Vivier metal buckle pumps, Ballerina Vivier Gommette, sporty Vivier star grass and sneaky Vivier two stress buckle in leather.

Roger Vivier shoe designs are some of the most recognizable and replicated in the world. The designs have spanned extremes from ornamental extravagance to effortless simplicity. This is very attractive to many people.